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Zeefasys is a technology firm that specializes in engineering digital solutions in the cloud. We adopted a cloud first aproach in 88% of our services including software development, devOps, and QA

Having deep industry and cross-industry insights; Zeefasys Engineers are leaders in their respective skills; and have insights from their experience in modernizing and operating large-scale cloud projects across non-profit, healthcare, and other small to large sized companies. Start a conversation with us

Our Process

Our unique approach to cloud based technology consulting
comes in three steps.

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Discussion and Planning

We precisely and dynamically discuss and flush out the requirements with project stakeholders using an agile method, continuously making sure your are kept in sync with everything about your product from beginning to end.

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Design and Build

Our approach to software development is based on constant iterations and continuous development of precisely defined fragments and groups of the system. Leading to incremental improvements, accumulated in comprehensive and functional systems.

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Test and Deliver

Our testing activities are preceded by thorough preparations and planning.

We then setup testing environment that are as close to the end user’s actual environment (hardware and software) as possible. Once Test case execution is 100 percent complete, we verify that a system has no high priority defects, performance of the system is stable regardless of the introduction of new features, the software supports all necessary platforms and/or browsers, and finally user acceptance testing is completed.

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