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Dr. Chornenky and Dr. Jaafar stumbled onto a medical treatment that needed innovation. Dr. Chornenky struggled with arthritis, and the prescribed treatments did not alleviate the pain. “We found out to our dismay that nothing could be done for arthritis outside of taking pain medication… so we began to research and search for others doing the same,” explained Jaafar.

By 2009, Jaafar and Chornenky found groundbreaking osteoarthritis research taking place by a team of orthopedic, biomedical and pharmacological scientists from University of Ferrara in Italy as well as scientists experimenting at Kyoto University Medical School in Japan. In 2011, Minnesota Medical Physics had gained a patent for the NovoPulse, which is a non-evasive device that uses pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) to treat arthritis in the spine. Once the device was created, the next step was to launch a company ready to sell the product in the private sector. “We are trying to establish ourselves as the only company in the world to make an electric magnetic field reach cartilage while also solving the problem of the electric field being absorbed by the bone,” shared Jaafar.

The only thing they needed next was a custom storefront for selling, leasing, and offering trial devices. This device was meant for Chiropractic Clinics so they also neede this device to be managed by the clinic. So Zeefasys took them to the cloud.

service description image
service description image


Zeefasys set out to develop a website to collect orders from the customers, manage orders and maintain the devices shipped to the customer.