Health Insurance in an Untapped Market

Cloud Database, Web App, and Mobile App Solution

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Dayreel Health was a startup partnership between two freinds who have worked in and seen it all in the US Health Care Industry. They wanted to take all the good that Modern Health Care has to offer and take it back to their home country and establish an employee based Health Insurance and new healthcare standard.

They were facing an untapped market, but at the same time they were facing a market with little to no standerdization for practitioners nor health care facilities. Each institution has no idea what the other is doing, nor does a pharmacy know if a patient was truly prescribed a drug that his asking for.

So the Dayreel Health Team did research of the market and the limitations, and even made some agreements with the government for partnership. Having secured the largest employer in the country and it's first potential partner in success, it needed digital system that is easyly scalable, could offer desktop level software on the web for it's admins and providers, and is hosted on an easly managemable platform. This is how Zeefasys took them to the cloud.

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service description image


Zeefasys was tasked to develop a Medical Insurance system for the Daryeel Health. The insurance system will be divided into 5 main components. Admin portal, Provider portal, Member portal, Claims system, and Fraud detection system.